Ways To Make White People Take Racism Seriously (and not seriously!)

I storified a series of tweets yesterday from Mr “Crown” where he makes some excellent points. I hope that even if you don’t agree with these positions, that you see where many conservatives are coming from when dealing with issues of race.

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NASCAR Pit Beef – Hatebreed Edition

The fall 2014 Texas NASCAR race was an eventful race with both highs and lows for Jeff Gordon fans like myself.
When Jeff Gordon went to speak to Keselowski after the race, a pit opened up in the pits.

Sing it with me!

“I’m torn between, and there’s no right choice
I’ve gotta fight back
I won’t be scarred for life!”

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Kaci Fluke : Rise of the Ebola-Americans

Every since the NY Ebola patient and Kaci Hickox Fluke began attracting attention so shortly after our new Ebola Czar went into action, something just didn’t seem right. Then it hit me that these folks were Ebola-Americans! What is an Ebola-American? First let me explain who isn’t one!

Nina Pham - Ebola survivor, NOT an Ebola-American

Nina Pham is NOT an Ebola-American. She did her job as a nurse, contracted Ebola, and then underwent treatment with grace and dignity. Even when things were grim, she comported herself. As a faithful Catholic she prayed for others while she fought the ravages of this deadly disease. When she left the hospital Ebola-free, she took to a microphone to thank God, those who prayed for her, and the medical personnel who were in her corner. She then asked the media for privacy, and expressed  her wishes to return to her life of work and normalcy. Nina was and is, a class act!

Left Wing Hipster Ebola
Upon returning from Guinea, this hipster Ebola patient dined out, went bowling, and in general put his own self interests before those of his community. He lied to authorities and was only discovered when police checked his credit card statement and public transit card.

The irresponsible and selfish Kaci "Hickox" Fluke
Kaci Hickox Fluke is another special snowflake that returned from West Africa and selfishly threatened lawsuits if she wasn’t allowed to flaunt quarantine guidelines.
Note, even liberal California has adopted these same common sense protocols !
Like her ideological predecessor Sandra Fluke, Kaci purports to be just a regular person, but is in fact, coincidentally repeating political talking points.

Ebola-Americans,  like other hyphenated special interest groups, set  themselves apart from the general populace and are eloved by leftist politicians  for their inability to mesh with the fabric of society.
If and when more Ebola-Americans come forth, it will be due largely in part to these two and their ideological political predecessor Sandy Fluke.

Please join me in praying for the safety of these Ebola-Americans, after all we can still wish the best for our fellow citizens while simultaneously voicing opposition to their actions.
To the rest of you bullies and extremists who cover your mouths when sneezing and who stay home from the office when fighting a cold,  God bless you, and God bless America.

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Taylor Swift performs “Out Of The Woods” on Jimmy Kimmel

Looking at it now
It all seems so simple
We were lying on your couch
I remember
You took a Polaroid of us
Then discovered
The rest of the world was black and white
But we were in screaming color
And I remember thinking…

Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
In the clear yet, good.
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
In the clear yet, good.

Are we out of the woods?

Looking at it now
Last December, we were built to fall apart
Then fall back together
Your necklace hanging from my neck
The night we couldn’t quite forget
When we decided
To move the furniture so we could dance
Baby, like we stood a chance
Two paper airplanes flying, flying…
And I remember thinking

Taylor Swift - Jimmy Kimmel - Out of the woods

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Ebola – Who Is To Blame? (Infographic)

News Item: CDC: Ebola confirmed in Dallas patient


Area43.net - Who is to blame for EBOLA?

As much as we’d like to think that Ebola is just a virus, the sad truth of the matter is that its very existence is due to the fault of several entities.
Here, using scientific data compiled over the span of a coffee break, we see the leading causes of Ebola.
No one is innocent, especially not the patriarchal CIS heterosexist system of oppression including the evil Koch Brothers, Faux News, and their allies climate change. Lack of funding is also to blame because with lots of funding, I could have paid for the full version of infogram and perhaps used men and women symbols instead of just men.

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